Something to Believe In

Time stopped. One of them said, "Don't fight" The other one said, "Don't fight." I looked at them.. thought of my husband and said, "How?" Linda looked at me through her steely blue eyes and even slightly bent over she commanded, "Just walk away, it doesn't amount to a hill of beans what you have to say but it stays with you forever."


Ten Things About The Teen Years

There have been signs that this day was coming. But there was never one defining day that my daughter left and a full fledged teenager alien being arrived. Although the crossover would have been worthy of a UFO landing on the top of my roof. I really just wish that would have happened.

The Unseen Wife

She stood on a raised pedastal like a goddess in white, with her hair cascading over her shoulders as her friends gasped and she froze—transfixed on the beauty and power of her own reflection.