My hand is out to hold if you will take it.

There's something about December. It's the holidays. And it's dark. And it's the end of so many things, but let's be real, nothing changes on January 1st except the calendar. The new year will bring new hope and new dreams... as it should. The idea of something new is alluring and the anticipation of a new start keeps us spiritually alive. 

I want to embrace something now though. I want to be real and let you know that this is the time that really matters. Not January 1st. Today is the day that you need to look around and see people for who they really are and forgive them, including yourself.  I'm talking about the things that make us all human. We are all running like crazy little hamsters on a hamster wheel and it's impossible to be perfect. Impossible. A true holiday photo for our family would be our dog's butt shaved, me unshowered and working on papers, Charlie in her room on her phone, and Bryan watching football in the tub. Additional photos could include the car in the shop, the dishwasher broken, our cat howling and no food in the fridge. 

I'm suggesting that instead of writing down resolutions for the new year that you forgive yourself for everything today. Forgive yourself for shit you did yesterday or ten years ago or didn't do. All of these things that we deny in ourselves make us interesting and make us alive and make us human. Let's celebrate the real us. We are roguishly beautiful and unique individuals that cannot be all that we are without each other. 

Please take my hand. Albeit invisibly, please take it and let me lift you up if you need it. And if I need you to carry me I will hold onto your invisible strength if you will give it. I don't have any wishes for next year. I only have a wish for today. Let's do this together. Let's know that life isn't one dimensional at all, it's brilliantly complex and simple at the same time. Amidst the daily struggles, I do believe there is a magical element to it all, and we don't have to wait for it. I'm right here. My hand is out to hold if you will take it.