A circle is miraculous. And I cannot help but see the the undeniable correlation between the quantitative mathematical certainties of nature to my life, as well as yours. I have always seen my life as circular, coming from a point of innocence and traversing and radiating in many different directions that equated to the same place. To come to terms with that has taken me many steps back, and a few steps forward, and yet I always believed that I have been coming full circle.

In the mathematical world, there is such a thing as the Fibonacci Sequence. The Fibonacci numbers are nature’s way of arranging things, not randomly, but beautifully, mathematically. So maybe you haven’t wondered why a cauliflower or sunflower, or succulent has such perfection in it’s proportions? It’s in our cells, it’s in the architecture of a bee hive, shells, and starfish.  Most importantly, the Fibonacci sequence has a golden mean. The circle no matter what we are speaking of has a ratio that is indisputably golden. 137.5 degrees is the golden arc. It is the ratio of your forearm to your hand, so yes this applies to you.

The bigger picture you may ask is, “When will my life come full circle?”  Well, because I am not God I do not know that answer, but I do suspect that your life has come full circle a few times and it forms newer and bigger circles each time, like a Venn diagram, but more magical. I am no mathematician, but I see things as a collision of nature and spirit.  You can calculate your life all you want; your numbers may not add up the way nature intended, and that’s ok.  As we can see, everything comes full circle whether you like it or not. Everything comes full circle.

Maybe what I am trying to say is that when you question the point that you are in your life right now, it is not the beginning nor end, nor is it the answer to everything. All of the moments add up to something that we cannot even fathom until the end. This moment right now will be balanced out by another circle, maybe a smaller one that encapsulates and enjoins new friends with the old friends, new dreams with the old dreams, and new passions with the past.

One thing that is certain, in mathematics and in life, is that there are no shortcuts in a circle. Don’t deny yourself the experience of tangents, arcs, and segments of your circle. You will end up at the same place, and it will be magical, mathematical and meant to be. You can count on that, with certainty.

Kara Turnermath, circle, full circle