There is a magic 8 ball on my daughter’s desk. I shake it and ask if I will be able to write tonight? “Outlook Good” it says.. and so I click clack away at the keyboard in an effort to throw the dust off my heart.  Things have been good here but hard. We’ve all been sick this year with different waves of the plague in our house since January..  and now it’s already March.

The rain hit us all emotionally in Northern California. The anguish of watching the Oroville evacuations and the fear at home of flooding changed all of our moods as the rain poured and the rivers swelled.  Necessary, frightening, nature confronted us.. and most of us weren’t ready for it, like life sometimes.

Sometimes in our lives there are downtimes, not necessarily bad times, just hunkering down times. That is how I have been living this year it seems. There is light at the end of the tunnel healthwise and weatherwise, but to be honest, I have been working against the weather of my life this year. I have had to make decisions about what is more important; staying focused on graduating next year, or getting distracted by writing opportunities that take me away from my homework and primary goal.. my degree. (Actually my graduation party, but that’s just between you and me.)

I have a nightly practice that grounds me. I clasp my hands in my bed and thank God first for the roof over my head, the food on our table, the health of my family, and the friendships that God has blessed me with. I wrap my foot with my husbands and thank God that my boyfriend is still my best friend to this day through our metaphorical and literal door slams.  This is a simple post, not meant to shake you up, or make you think, but hopefully know that you are not alone if you have felt the effects of the weather this year as well.  It looks like the sun is finally coming out.

The weather is an obvious metaphor for life, and a good one. I shake the magic 8 ball again, and once again, it says, “Outlook Good.” I’ll see you in Spring.

Kara Turner