Limiting Yourself Can Be Dangerously Boring

Supposing this; everything material and idealistic that you personally desire can be attained. What will this feel like as we sit upon our quixotic mountaintop? Will we look out at the world and say “Aha! I have arrived!!” or will we look across the valley and see another mountain to climb? I’m guessing we will sit and reflect upon the why, how and who helped us along the way.  I’m guessing the people and the moments are more precious than the place we land.

Life isn’t going to change dramatically when you attain things.  The pursuit, the wanting and the struggle are much sweeter than the result. There will always be, what now… what next? More money, more kids, more things, and then you are left with utter silence, and your own self.

What would your climb look like if no one was watching? What would I write if no one was reading? (which is most likely) I’ll guess and say that it would be different, more true, perhaps more lonely, but we will never know.

That’s not to say that life should not be pursued without all of the vigor and passion that runs through our veins. That’s not to say that on the top of the mountain there isn’t a sweetness in the air that makes your head spin and your heart soar. What I mean is, “the top” is not  the summit without the climb. And the climb is not possible without each misstep, without each detour, and without each other.  At this point in my life I am giving myself no choice but utter honesty and clarity. I want the journey more than the destination.

to be continued..