Life Is Incredibly Frightening.

This post isn't what I planned to write for the launch of my new pageturner.  I planned to write something so exhilaratingly imaginative and inspiring that my eight fans would shudder as they opened their laptops. But what has revealed itself to me lately is too raw and too human to go in that direction. Right now I am simply a conduit for the truth. I hear a voice behind me say, "Shit that's a big responsibility." Yes it is. And yes, I hear voices. 

Each one of us has a gift. Maybe not on the scale of Shakespeare, Milton or Mozart, but one must never compare one's gifts to another.. that is the first law of freedom.  To set yourself free is the gift you must give yourself. It is incredibly frightening to let go of what you think everyone else cares about. Once you do, let me tell you.. it's hard to go back. Although I still care deeply about what other people think, especially my friends, I cannot care more about what others think than what I know. 

I realize that the majority of people reading this (7 of 8) might say, Hey~ I can't quit my job or divorce my spouse to be semi-nude running on the beach in a state of freedom. That is not the freedom of which I speak. The freedom is within your mind and more importantly within your heart. It is the seed that has been planted from forever ago when you didn't know you weren't perfect; I'm just saying there are very few people who will tell you that you are perfect as you are. But you are.

Life is incredibly frightening from the moment we come unclothed, unarmed and unable to voice ourselves to the moment we realize the clothes, and arms and voice are nothing without a strong and unfiltered heart and mind, no matter who is listening.  No matter whom. Listen to your fear with an open heart, talk straight to it about what is real and what is not, and let it guide you. It will guide you more than complacency, although there is nothing wrong with complacency. 

Thank you for listening, it was hard to write the first post on an unfinished site, at an unfinished time, but if I waited for someone else's idea of perfection, I would certainly never write a word. Goodnight friends.