The Answers

What if there are no answers to life's biggest questions? I submit that there are not. The why's, what if's and when's.. you can pack those up and put them away.  It's not that there aren't answers to things, it's that the answers to the questions we seek are either already known inside our gut or cannot be known. We can pray, we can work, we can hope, but at the end of the day we will never know how everything is going to work out until it's all worked out. 

The questions that arise with us in the morning and set with us at night are the closest thing to the answers we seek. There is more knowledge to be gained in the moments in between our moments than we realize. As human beings it is difficult to accept the unknown and we often make rash decisions wanting to feel that we are defining ourselves when in reality there is no earthly definition of who you are. Sit with that for a minute. 

Looking at Instagram or Facebook will not teach you a thing. Not a thing. It's a gift to see friends that we cannot possibly keep up with on a regular basis through social media and it's a gift to be able to publish our art or our words online so easily, but the rest can make you ask yourself questions about things that don't really matter. You already know what matters without looking for it. Don't look for it. 

By the time the answer comes the question does not matter anymore. What matters is How you live your life now and Who you surround yourself with. Those two ideals have shaped my entire life, I just didn't know it. There are no answers for the what and the when and the why's, but the who's and how's will make all the difference.  You have a choice every day WHO you bring into your life, and HOW you live it. The rest will fall into place. That's all I know.