Something You Need to Know About Friendship.

A good friendship is undefinable but undeniable. Like the weather friendship moves and bends to the breeze. It travels in between time and space like the bats that flit across the lake at moonlight. Whosoever tries to define friendship must exist among the sagest of philosophers because the definition of friendship is as elusive, silky and concrete as the tides.

Friendship shouldn't feel bad. Let's go back to third grade for a minute. Friends should be nice, honest, and treat you with respect, and they certainly shouldn't want you to feel bad. As we mature and grow and change so does friendship. Friendship is as inexplicable but also as powerful as the wind. Who can explain the wind? 

Today my phone pinged and my daughter saw that I had a text from someone I hadn't seen since we had been in class together years ago. She said "You're still friends with her?"  And it made me think about the rules of friendship that some people impose. Does it mean you must see each other or "do" things together. Or can it be that you shared something special and still share a bond even if your schedules and your life has gone in different directions. When I saw the text "How is school?" I got a huge smile. I don't know when I will see Terina again, but yes, she is still my friend. And so are the many people that I cannot see all of the time because our kids are growing up or we no longer sit on the same board or they move away. 

Friendship is a responsibility. It is a beautiful expression. It is a meeting of the minds and more. It is a gift that you can't see but you can feel and it shouldn't have strings attached. Friendship should not make you feel that you are responsible for someone else's happiness, but it should make you happy. That's how you know. 

Friends keep your secrets. They give you the truth. They make you laugh so hard that everyone looks. They hug and they talk and they show up when you need them. They know you and your struggles and your fears and they love you for it. Even if it's from a long time ago.