To Live Your Purpose, You Must Put Your Ego Aside.


Our ego has the power to convince us of things that are not real. I understand this viscerally because I live so close between my ego and my id. I have had to wrestle those two to the ground.  Our ego wants to inflate everything and sometimes it's not a bad thing to feel filled up. Eventually, you will need to come down. The place you land is where reality exists. And even then reality can be so full of fear or misconceptions that it's tempting to put a call in to our ego. But what our ego tells us isn't real. And what we fear is not real either.  

We often fear that we are not enough. Especially in this society of Instagram photos and FB posts showing the best of everyone's wonderful life. For the most part, I love seeing people happy and seeing them celebrate. I realize that these moments are not indicative of an entire life and that we all are human. What happens to most is that we allow fear to creep in.  It's impossible not to. We fear that we are not living.  We fear that we have lost our potential or ourselves. We fear that we will not look a certain way. And who cares anyway? Nobody that matters. The real truth is that we do have love and we do have friends. We have everything. But our ego always wants us to suffer: but nothing from the ego is real. Good or bad, high or low. It's not real. 

I vouch for you in this moment that you are beautiful. You are loved. You have gifts. You have friends. You have to listen to your heart and go where it leads you. We are all waiting to cheer you on. We are wanting to see you try and fail and get up and succeed because we are the same. We are scared of failing too. 

To live your purpose.. you must put your ego aside. You must live without the fear of what others think. The more that I fail the closer I get to the truth.. I'm so close.