You Don't Have to Forgive to Forget..

Even though I believe in God and many other Christian beliefs, I am not so keen on forgiveness. For the most part, it's unnecessary. I have already forgotten or have been completely oblivious to any petty machinations, slights, comments or outright bold assumptions against my person. I have no idea nor do I care what one person might have said or thought some time ago.. 

On the other hand, there may have been some injury that goes beyond myself. If someone very ignorant in these matters attempted to harm me and in that effort irrevocably changed something in my life or especially my child's life then that is where I say this: I don't care about forgiveness. It's not my job. 

I simply cannot forgive certain things. It's not my job to forgive. It's up to a greater God. People who do wrong to others live with the knowledge that they are less than. They are weak, insecure and willing to have negative attention if they cannot have any other kind.   

There is a fire in the anger that comes with being wronged or knowing that someone is behaving wrongly. This fire is like any other fire. It will die. The devastation that is left behind is not your fault. I suggest that it is not your job to forgive. It's not your responsibility. But I promise that you will forget. And on the other side of anger is wisdom. Not happiness, not forgiveness, not anything but the knowledge that there are unhappy and unbecoming people in the world. Embrace the ones you love. Forget the rest.