Your Teachers. Your Lessons. They Aren't on Your Vision Board.

Pardon me if I break the high you are on from detoxing or yodeling or whatever new vision board you have created but life's lessons aren't waiting to be discovered by you; they are right in front of your face. Innately from childhood you have loved things. You have loved things. Yes I repeated myself because it is that important. You already have it in you so there is no searching to be discussed. You love things right now don't you?

What you love should be your guide. Nothing else. You love your children. They are your teacher. You love your spouse. They are your teacher, and you are theirs. You love life and more specifically you love something about life that makes it all worth it. Hmm, what is that thing for you? Ask yourself right now. WHAT IS THAT THING THAT MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT? We all have stuff we have to get through, but why? To get to that day that you gather with friends and say thank you for being there through it all. 

My love is truth. The truth of people and their soul cries out to me as I walk down the street or I stand in an elevator or I sit next to you. My eyes might bore into your soul until you melt or you may just surrender and volunteer everything at first glance. It's because I really want to know. 

Some of the most significant moments that I have experienced are moments on a flight. I often take a quick flight to Orange County and in that hour I have sat by women that have had son's killed, that have husband's cheat, that are willing to drive me home after our plane diverted off the runway and have become friends. I have sat by angels that taught me about forgiveness and I have sat by complete assholes that put their elbow in my face as they opened the paper to read on the flight. One thing I have learned is that life sends you teachers but what they teach is not necessarily the lesson.  

My vision board is not complete but neither am I. There is nothing wrong with creating one. Mine has some pretty pictures of the ocean and a big cut out of the words "MAGICAL THINKING." But for now my vision is this: I want my daughter to laugh more than she cries. I want my husband to not worry. I want my friends to know that they have made my life. I want you to know that if you are reading this you have it all right in front of you. And I hope to sit next to you soon.  

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