You Are More Other: A Mother

Being an English student I have always thought that the mastery of literature lied in an untraceable and intangible gift, but words come with many meanings. "Mother," what does that word mean? I can't answer that for anybody else, because I have seen different interpretations of the gift of motherhood. 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines mother as: The female parent of a human being; a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth; (also, in extended use) a woman who undertakes the responsibilities of a parent towards a child, esp. a stepmother.

But it also defines "mother" as "Eve" or even "mother of God." Now that's what I am saying. Like Eve we are truly imperfect. We fail. We ask forgiveness and we repent. At least I do... many times a day.

I'm no "mother of God" figure at our house, but I am definitely like a female Captain Kirk standing at the helm keeping everyone fed and on course. Fighting aliens, late bedtimes, looking ahead and charting our next course, doing the laundry and unpacking after all of these adventures and sometimes... just trusting the universe.

But in plain English lets define it, a mother is: the one who will never sleep, the one who will gladly sacrifice any prior dream for the life of our child. A mother hurts more. A mother listens more and a mother doesn't blink to do what she needs to do. A mother crawls in bed when her baby (no matter how old) asked her too. And many a time, on "Mother's day" she only wants one minute to reflect on it all. But she is needed.. homework, housework and husbands call. And a mother is the one who answers. 

There is an "other" in mother. That "M" must stand for "More." There is more to you: more dreams, more intellect, more passion and intrigue. You are more than you. You are more than you thought you could be. You are more selfless, more protective, more adventurous, more playful, more soft, and more resilient. You are more other: you are a mother. Drop the mic.