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Mommy's Going for a Bye Bye.. Day Trip Directives

Mommy's Going for a Bye Bye.. Day Trip Directives

Dear Day Trips, thank you for saving me.

I cannot pretend that there are not days (like today) that I find myself muttering to some invisible listener about how much of my time is spent driving, dropping off at school, cleaning, folding laundry, running to the grocery store, vacuum repair and then back to school, practice, dinner, pick up, clean up and bed. Let the muttering stop!

There is joy in being a mom, a wife, and the ruler of the castle but there is also the sense that the days, months and years, have flown by without a moment’s pause. While the piles of to-do items and commitments grow, the sense of fun and adventure respectively, diminishes. At least it can seem that way..

Until Southwest airlines has a sale.

It is then that the day trip adventure begins. Yes, it starts with a sale unless you have unlimited funds. All you have to do is listed below, and don’t blink or you’ll miss it. Here you go:

Look up flights on Southwest.com. Confirm dates with BFF. Book Flights. Hug the Cat!

Because of my fondness for day trips, which has roused the curiosity of at least three people of whom two have curiously asked “Why only a day?”

Only a day because it’s plenty of time to do everything as you will see.

Only a day because the cost of a hotel makes the whole idea prohibitive and I would rather spend that money shopping in LA/Melrose/La Jolla/SF.

Only a day because you can’t worry about the 4 loads of laundry when you are 400 miles away.

Only a day because after a day of ocean air, fabulous lunches (sometimes two), undiscovered boutiques, and untold stories with your bestie, it feels good to come home.

At this very moment I have convinced myself to book another day trip and I found flights in and out of LAX for $63 dollars during perfect day trip travel times. That’s less than a decent facial (with tip) would cost you.

I suggest you start with LA, specifically Santa Monica, as the beach, pier, restaurants and shopping are so easily accessible and lively there is no chance you can fail at having an adventure. I’ll get specific about Santa Monica in my next post in the Day Trip (Mommy Bye-Bye) series.

If you want to dip your toe in the day trip waters without flying, I suggest signing up for one of the day trip items that inevitably pop up at all of our school auctions. In fact it was through hosting a bus trip to San Francisco for my daughter’s school that I became acquainted with the gift of a day (farther) away. Fifty or so of us moms would pile on board, drink champagne, and let loose in San Francisco for the day. It felt sacrilegious, I mean I couldn’t believe the family could manage without me, and yet those moments of roaming the city laughing, lunching and shopping while Charlie was at school filled me up.

And now I know when the muttering begins, mommy needs a bye-bye.

* Southwest did not endorse this post— in fact they rejected my last submission for Southwest Magazine, which is extremely unfortunate for them, but will not deter me from my beautiful journey.

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