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Control Your Own Destiny. The World Will Find You.

What hurts us more? Not knowing that you can control anything or knowing it and still wanting to. Knowing that you can save your self from pain, except you can't. Knowing it's better for someone you love to go through something than for us to try and change the outcome. We limit ourselves so much in the avoidance of pain that we end up cheating ourselves from the freedom in living.


The first day of a new semester is always nerve racking, exciting, and full of possibilities. Who doesn’t love the unknown, especially when 23 of 24 hours of your day is predictable?  Today as I walked on campus for the first time this semester I felt strangely out of my own body.  Time froze as I stood in the midst of all the young bodies, full of anticipation as they rushed in herds to their classes, chatting excitedly, and walking purposefully.